Food Chain Radio Show: “What’s Eating What” with Michael Olson

Every Saturday from 12:00-1:00 pm ET award winning broadcaster, author, and speaker Michael Olson brings the most important issues of our lives to the table for an hour of radio that will feed your curiosity and make you hungry for more. How will the price of gas affect the price of food? Is it safe to eat genetically engineered corn?  Why do they irradiate meat? Are we running short of water? What will happen if China drives our farmers out of business? How secure is this food chain? Food Chain Radio is syndicated on commercial radio stations throughout the U. S. (radio station affiliates) and streamed live and on demand everywhere via the internet.

What the World Eats Hungry Planet by Peter Menzel, Time Magazine. 2008

Photographs of what the world’s people eat.

Local Harvest Chris Bedford Films. 2000

Films to promote healthy, humane, homegrown food systems. Produced by Chris Bedford, award winning advocacy filmmaker and local food system advocate.