This section contains descriptions and reports of research projects related to community food security and local food systems. Please help keep others informed by sending your research project reports to info[at]

Healthy Food For All: Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems in Ontario

Seven organizations are collaborating on a project designed to increase the capacity of local communities to create and strengthen sustainable local food systems in Ontario. The project is funded by the Healthy Communities Fund of the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, from October 1, 2013 – March 31, 2015.  Led by the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, the project has five main components:

Peer Learning Circles: Led by Sustain Ontario, participants of four peer learning circles are learning about particular aspects of the food system or food system planning processes. They will investigate and compile existing tools and resources within their area of interestCommunity Planning Processes: Four existing community organizations in four regions of the province will undertake a particular aspect of a comprehensive local food systems planning process and embark on action plans. The four community organizations are:

Learning Activities: A series of learning activities will for organized for staff and volunteers of community organizations and networks who are working to develop a local sustainable food system,

Tool Kit: A comprehensive, dynamic on-line toolkit will be developed in English and French to assist community organizations and others in creating and implementing comprehensive community food systems plans

Case studies: A series of four case studies will be developed to capture the successes, challenges and learning of the food systems planning processes.
Further information about this project is available from the project webpage or info [at]

The Future of the Good Food Box Project

October 2009- March 2011
Coordinated by Community Voices Consulting

This project was a collaborative effort of the Food Security Work Group of the Ontario Public Health Association, FoodNet Ontario and the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition. Its purpose was to strengthen the network of Good Food Box (GFB) programs across the province by developing a sustainable GFB business model and activating a supportive GFB network. Two reports have been produced by this project:

Environmental Scan Report of Good Food Box Programs in Ontario

Making the Business Case for Good Food Box Programs: A Planning Guide