Sustainable Food Systems: A Landscape Assessment for Canadian Philanthropy
Community Foundations of Canada released this report in April 2016. It explores the current Canadian food system and highlights key opportunities for funders to support work to drive significant and systemic impact in this field. It provides an overview of the Canadian food system based on the perspective of select stakeholders, an assessment of the current national funding landscape through analysis of survey data, and detailed profiles of participating Canadian funding organizations.

Haliburton Community Food Assessment
The Haliburton Community Food Assessment Partners is a committee of diverse stakeholders who have been working together, in collaboration with the community, to research local food based infrastructure. The results of their work will help guide policy development and decisions-making that will improve how food is produced, processed, and distributed.

All 3 of the reports are now available:

1. Food Access Mapping in Haliburton County (December 2015)
2. Haliburton County: Food and the Official Plan (April 2015)
3. Agricultural Food Production and Consumption for Haliburton County (February 2016)