Food Policies

The following links provide documents and discussion papers about food-related policies and their development.

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Cutting Through the Red Tape: A Resource Guide for Local Food Policy Practitioners & Organizers
Beth Sanders and Annie Shattuck
Food First, Oakland Food Policy Council, December 2011

  • Contains policies and tools for each area of the food system: production, processing, distribution, consumption, and food waste recovery.

Food and Health: Advancing the Policy Agenda
A policy workshop held March 29-30 2010 in London, Ontario.

Workshop Materials are available at Agri-Food @ Ivey, a research unit under the Chair of Agri-Food Innovation and Regulation at the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario. This workshop focussed on the development of an integrated health and food policy framework, relating national health and economic prosperity to food.
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Bringing Local Food Home: Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Barriers to Local Food [PDF], Maureen Carter-Whitney, Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy, December 2008

  • Examines legal, regulatory, and institutional barriers to local food.

2004, Canadian Co-operative Association -This policy framework is a product of the Building Community Assets – The Co-op Advantage project. It has been developed to encourage and assist potential partners to work together through a concerted, long-term, and coordinated effort.

The Toronto Food Policy Council
– Thirteen discussion papers on a variety of food security issues are available from the TFPC website.