Advocating for a Food Secure Ontario

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The following links provide documents and discussion papers about advocating for community food security.

OSNPPH Position Paper on Responses to Food Insecurity
November, 2015

The Food Security Workgroup of the Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health has developed a position statement and an accompanying infographic to increase awareness among public health staff and management about the growing problem of household food insecurity in Ontario and the urgent need to advocate for effective responses. They regard food insecurity as an urgent human rights and social justice issue. Its root cause is poverty, therefore it can only be addressed effectively by an income response.  Since its release, the Position Statement has received official endorsements from many organizations and individuals.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: A Call to Action from Dietitians
Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health
Dietitians of Canada: January 2012
Les diététistes du Canada : janvier 2012

Dietitians of Canada calls for coordinated action to promote and support healthy eating, with
national leadership and cross-sector collaboration, to address the following priorities:
1. equitable access to adequate, healthy and safe food,
2. supportive environments for healthy eating,
3. comprehensive surveillance and monitoring of food, diet and health,
4. access to dietitian services in all sectors.

Good Food Policies

Food Security Essential to the Heart Health of Ontarians

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario

The Foundation believes that the Ontario government can take action to improve Ontarians’ access to healthy and nutritious foods and has made a series of recommendations to that end.

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