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The purpose of FoodNetOntario is to promote the sharing of information, tools, resources and successful practices among those involved in CFS projects. We will also provide facilitation and training services to increase the capacity of existing CFS projects, support the development of new CFS initiatives and educate community members about the importance of adequate access to locally grown, affordable, nutritious, safe and culturally appropriate food.

One of the tools we use to keep our Membership informed and to have members share information is our listserv.

When you become a Member of FoodNetOntario, you will automatically be subscribed to the listserv. A “Welcome” email will be sent to the email address you entered on the Membership Form. You can unsubscribe from the listserv at any time.

For more details about our listserv, log into the Discussion Forum using the Member Login boxes to the right of your screen, and click on the “Listserv” topic under General Information.