Over the past few years, many people have identified the need for better access to information, tools, and resources to support local and regional community food security initiatives and local, sustainable food production. Discussions among several organizations resulted in the establishment of a collaborative Steering Committee to explore the potential for developing a provincial community food security network. In October 2006 the Steering Committee conducted a survey to assess the level of interest in the development of a Network. Of the 183 survey respondents, 95% indicated that such a network would be beneficial.

In April 2007, the Steering Committee received a three-year grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to develop and support a province-wide network that will increase the capacity of Ontario communities to provide access to safe, affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food. As a result, FoodNet Ontario was created, building upon the FoodNet website and listserv established by the Food Security Working Group of the Ontario Public Health Association.

The development of FoodNet Ontario was a collaborative initiative of the following organizations, all of which were represented on the Project Steering Committee and provided in-kind contributions to the development of FoodNet Ontario.


FoodNet Ontario’s goal is to increase the capacity of organizations and communities across Ontario to create sustainable local food systems and achieve community food security by:

  • bringing people, ideas and resources together;
  • facilitating communication and collaboration between organizations;
  • educating the public and key decision-makers about community food security; and
  • promoting good practices.


FoodNet Ontario (FNO) is operated according to its Terms of Reference, as approved by the FoodNet Ontario Coordinating Committee. FNO is administered by the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition and guided by a Coordinating Committee that is elected at the FNO annual general meetings. The Coordinating Committee communicates with members through an eBulletin and, from time to time, assists with the development of new projects and FNO members contribute to the website by suggesting programs to be listed in the programs database and posting events to the upcoming events calendar, using the online forms on the website. We also invite viewers to submit documents, publications and links to info[at], to be posted on the website. Members are automatically subscribed to the FoodNet listerv so they can share infomation and iniitatives with each other.

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